This page provides answers to the most common questions about Days Of The Year, our website, and our calendar.

Calendar & Research

Where do you find all of the events listed on your calendar?

As the expert curators of the world’s weird, funny and wonderful days of the year, we do not create the events ourselves. We carefully research and list only those that are genuinely celebrated and talked about between communities of like-minded people around the world.

How do you choose which events to feature?

Applications for new submissions to our calendar go through a review process based on proven popularity, activity, humour, and interest.

Any event which we review but choose not to feature are generally revisited and reviewed each year.

Do you list events of an adult nature?

We are a PG-13 site and are used by many schools as teaching material. As such, we need to ensure that we maintain our family-friendly ethics.

Applications for adult themed holidays or events will be automatically rejected.

What do you do when there are different versions of an event?

We often encounter days which overlap, or are so similar as to not warrant featuring each individual event as its own celebration. 

It wouldn’t be helpful to add all of these as individual entries in the calendar. Our standard approach is to pick the ‘best’ of the versions and create a ‘master’ version of the event, which, in some cases, may make reference to some of the other versions.

Applications & Submissions

How can I create my own event?

There’s no real legal process or requirement for creating a holiday or event. In most countries, a day, week or month is only as ‘real’ as those who celebrate it make it!

If enough people take part, share the word, then the event is – as far as we’re concerned – real enough to be ‘official’. Generally, we only feature events which already have an established following.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, we suggest creating a Facebook page and/or a simple website, and seeing if people are interested and want to take part!

If you meet these criteria and you’d like to continue, you can view our application process in more detail.

How do you account for different countries?

The events we list are sourced from all around the world. We believe that if an event is fun or important enough to be featured and celebrated, it should be something that everybody can join in with, regardless of their country. 

As such, when we feature events we remove prefixes like ‘World’, ‘National’ or ‘International’ (with the exception of events specifically featuring a specific place or country, such as Canada Day) in order to spread the word and to get everybody joining in.

We’ll also sometimes roll multiple similar events celebrated in different countries into one ‘main’ event which talks about all of the country-specific variances.

What about events that are specific to landmarks or places?

There are obviously celebrations which have roots in, or are closely tied to specific locations which we’d be remiss not to acknowledge and celebrate, and so events such as Bridge Day have a ‘local angle’.

Do you list events that celebrate products or brands?

Listing events that are started by businesses for blatant self-promotion does not align with our values of community and transparency at Days Of The Year. 

We understand that some brands create events to show that they care and are invested in the community they’re involved in, so we review each event application on a case-by-case basis. We may omit the brand and list a more generalised event name where necessary.

Where we know it, the founder of the event is still given attribution within the content of the listing.

Days Of The Year on Social Media

You post at the wrong time of day for me. Can you post earlier/later in the day?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to target our messaging via timezone, so we need to post at the best time of the day for the majority of our audience. This means that some people will see the post quite early in the day, and some may see it later on. 

We hate spam, so we don’t want to post multiple times and fill up your feed with repetitive messages.

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