So we are now half way through the year and there have been some great celebrations going on! What has been your favorite to celebrate? There is still a lot to celebrate and here is a look at what my favorite days in the month of July.

International Plastic Bag Free Day

Most of us use them every day, the thin plastic bags used by almost every retailer we visit. Whether we’re shopping for groceries or the newest Prada, you can almost guarantee that you’ll be leaving the store with a plastic bag stuffed full of your new goodies. And no matter how many times I try to remember my reusable bags I always forget, well I used to.

I have started to put a tote bag in every handbag I have so that I have the extra space for anything I happen to buy. Even if I am just getting one thing from the shop you can guarantee I come away with more then I intend and my tote is there to the rescue.

They don’t have to be fancy!

Mechanical Pencil Day

Mechanical pencils have so many uses in the workplace. People use pencils every day to calculate payroll, write letters, and complete their work. Students especially use them in schools to do their homework and get good grades.

While most people tend to gravitate towards taking notes on either a laptop or iPad I still love my pencils and I have one that rotates the leads so that it is always sharp. It’s funny at conferences as I tend to be the only person with a notebook in hand.

Can’t go wrong with a pencil!

Embrace Your Geekness Day

Everybody is a bit of a geek to someone. You may have a specialist subject that you know everything there is to know about it and your friends just don’t understand your obsession! A geek is completely obsessed with one or more subjects and can speak fluently on it for hours, sounding like a walking encyclopedia of geeky facts.

For me my subject would be stationery and more specifically paper and pens. I love them! There are so many combinations and uses out there. Really I could talk your ear of about them. But maybe you have a special interest in make-up. I have no clue but I would listen to you to find out more if you wanted to geek out about it!

You can never have too many pens!

Wine and Cheese Day

If you’re like me any excuse to have wine and cheese is a good day! And when I found out that one of my favorite cheese shops was doing and wine and cheese day paring box I had to get it! To be honest this is not the first box that I have had from them and to be honest it won’t be the last that I have.

I have a sweet tooth, you might have guessed that from all the sweet days that I have celebrated over the year. So I prefer a white or dessert wine to go with sharp or blue cheese. I also bake a loaf of bread and get some meats in to go with the wine and cheese and turn it into a mini feast!

All the essentials.

Paperback Book Day

There is nothing like a paperback book. Yes I may have a large library on my Kindle but nothing replaces that feel of a new book and the smell. Don’t lie you love that smell as well.

I still have a bookcase filled with some of my faveorite books and while yes some are duplicated on my Kindle there is something much more memorable when reading a paperback. It just stirs up more emotion of when I first read the book. Where I was and who I might have been with. There really is notthing like it!

Read all the books.

With August upon us I have started to think about autumn and all that brings. The colors, the harvest, Halloween! So much to look forward to.

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